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Higher Learning for Your Dog! Reliable Advanced Off Leash Obedience

Sam, the Lab mix, and Niko, German Shepherd, practicing down stays on a sunny day in Memphis, TNDog Obedience College of Memphis, TN is proud to offer off campus (at your home) dog training  courses that allow your dog to learn reliable off leash obedience without having to go away to school. The Advanced Off Leash Obedience Dog Training course utilizes the places and distractions around your house and in your neighborhood in order to provide the most real life distraction training possible.  There are no prerequisites for any course. Your pup can enroll in any training program no matter his/her obedience level.  Each training course comes with a Lifetime Training Guarantee!

Advanced Off Leash Obedience

Peanut, a Pit Bull, exhausted and laying in tall grass after an obedience session in MemphisHave ultimate obedience control! The Advanced Off Leash Obedience course gives you the freedom to have and confidence to let your dog off leash. In this course a Dog Obedience College trainer will come to your home multiple times per week until your dog can successfully and reliably perform off leash obedience around distractions. The Off Leash course generally takes 3-4 weeks. Each training session will take place around your home and neighborhood in order to utilize the distractions your dog faces on a daily basis.

Once your dog has reached a reliable off leash obedience level the trainer teaches you! The final sessions of the Advanced Off Leash Obedience Course will involve the Dog Obedience College Oscar ball reward for great obediencetrainer working with you and your pup. These sessions will focus on teaching you how to give commands and maintain your dog’s reliable off leash level of obedience.

 The Off Campus Advanced Off Leash Obedience course covers:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Down at a distance
  • Down in motion
  • Stay
  • On leash walkingBear obedience practice in Memphis pet store
  • Off leash walking
  • Off leash recall (come command)
  • No jumping
  • No biting
  • Place (on your bed command)
  • Numerous real life distractions
  • Behavioral problem solving customized to your dog

Included with the Advanced Off Leash Course:Distraction Dog Training practice in Overton Square Memphis with Kiwi

  • Lifetime Training Guarantee
  • Free Refreshers
  • An in depth graduation appointment
  • Multiple follow ups

 Cost of  program: $1,798

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This course includes a Lifetime Training Guarantee!

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To reserve your dog’s spot or for more information please contact us at or 901-310-5826.

See the Reliable Obedience Your Dog Will Learn

Check out the video below of one of recent graduate Omar the Goldendoodle showing off some of the skills your dog will learn taking the Advanced Off Leash Obedience course. Professor Niko is providing the distractions.


Have more than one dog?  No problem! 

Take a look at the video below of recent graduates Slobbers and Hackenschmidt working on their commands around Professor Niko. Enroll multiple dogs and receive a discount! Contact us for details.


Free Dog Training EvaluationsSadie Puppy Down Stay Practice Memphis

Not sure which program is right for your pup? We can help! Dog Obedience College of Memphis offers Free Dog Training Evaluations. The evaluations will give you an opportunity to discuss your dog’s trouble areas, meet the trainer, and see if one of our programs is right for your pup.

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For more information or to get your dog started please contact us at or 901-310-5826.

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Programs subject to availability. Prices and programs subject to change. Please contact Dog Obedience College for the most up to date information.
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