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Dog Training Memphis Down Stay Walter

Teaching a Social Dog to Walk Nicely

Let’s face it, there are some dogs out there that are social butterflies! These are the dogs that love being around every other dog and would do almost anything to go say “hello” to another pup. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, but it can make creative training more of a necessity. The [...]

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Potty Training Your Puppy

With all the new  puppies finding homes in the greater Memphis area this time of year, Dog Obedience College has been getting a lot of inquiries about housebreaking / potty training. And understandably so, after all nobody wants their dog relieving themselves inside. As with everything in dog training there are varying opinions on how to best handle housebreaking a dog. I’m [...]

Golden Retriever Puppy Natalie Excited about Dog Training

When to Start Training New Dog

As I make my way around Memphis to various dog training appointments I have begun to notice a lot of puppies bouncing around yards and weaving down sidewalks. This is the time of year when Christmas puppies have started to get big enough to begin exploring the world around them. With it, as a dog [...]

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How to Handle a Dog Fight

Let’s face it, as much as we would like our dogs to get along with every other dog in the world, it just doesn’t always happen that way.  Often times, if your dog comes across another pup that rubs her the wrong way she will just ignore the strange dog and keep her distance.  However, [...]

Kiwi practicing place command during dog training session

Allowing Dogs on Furniture

During an obedience training session in Midtown Memphis with one of an off leash student dog, I had a young lady new to dog ownership, come up to me with an urgent concern, can her dog be allowed to be up on the couch with her? This young lady excitedly jumped into dog ownership with [...]

Bulldog as a Pirate for Halloween in Memphis

Great Dog Training Potential on Halloween

Halloween is on the way and with it, a great dog training opportunity!  If in years past you have feared October 31st, not because of the scary costumes, but due to the doorbell ringing repeatedly and the chaos that follows from your dog, then this might be the article for you! This year, as ghosts [...]

Sadie Puppy Down Stay Practice Memphis

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

I’m always amazed at the dog stories people tell me about their older dogs behavior and what they have put up with for years.  Nearly every one of them goes roughly the same way, their dog does something that is annoying or brings frustration to their daily lives and has been doing whatever unwanted behavior [...]

Siberian Husky pup Anubis loving obedience training in Memphis, TN

Dog Safety in Midtown Memphis

Over the past month I have been doing a lot of dog training in the Midtown area of Memphis. It is a very dog friendly area with numerous distractions for the pups in training to practice around.  Although I appreciate all the distractions there is one in particular that concerns me. There has been numerous [...]

Bulldog puppy Jetta laying down worn out after dog obedience training practice at a park in Memphis, TN

Make Your Dog’s Vet Visits More Enjoyable

Day in and day out while paying visits to Memphis Veterinarians I see normally friendly, calm, well mannered dogs get a bad rap when they turn into scary beasts upon entering a Vet’s office and every time I think how that could have been avoided with just a little dog training. Now don’t get me wrong, your [...]

Lab puppy sitting nicely after an obedience session in Germantown

How to Socialize Your Dog

A while back a client came to Dog Obedience College of Memphis for help in training her dog to walk nicely down the streets of Germantown instead of pulling her the entire time.  As we were going through some preliminary dog training questions, she was proud to mention that her dog had been to puppy socialization classes [...]

Memphis Obedience Training Sam and Niko

Introducing A New Dog to Your Home

What’s better than having one dog? Well, clearly two dogs!  Most of the time people don’t get two dogs at once, instead they have one and then decide to get another.  After the decision is made about what dog should join your family, a dilemma usually pops into your mind: how do I introduce the [...]

Memphis Obedience Practice with Tennis Ball

Creative Dog Training Rewards

When people are working on obedience training with their dog they usually think about using treats, toys, or attention as rewards.  Don’t get me wrong, if any or all of those things motivates your dog, then by all means use them. But for those times when you don’t have a toy or treat handy, try using [...]

Dog in Need of Obedience Training in Memphis

Signs Your Dog May Need Training

As a dog trainer in Memphis, I often forget what life is like with an untrained dog or rather I should say semi-untrained dog. I say semi-untrained to described a dog that does what you want for the most part and there are no behaviors that are driving you too crazy. That is what life [...]

Niko Off Leash Obedience Memphis

Off Leash Freedom on the 4th

As I sit down to enjoy a cookout in Midtown Memphis, TN to celebrate our country’s independence I start to reminisce about what freedom means not only for me but for my dogs. I’m not talking about some sort of struggle they went through from being wolves to domesticated dogs, although that is a fascinating [...]

Memphis Dog Trainer with Zooey and Khan

The Fun of Fur in Shedding Season

Ah tis’ the season, or at least it is in the Memphis area, where clumps of fur start falling off my German Shepherds and my vacuum once again has to prove itself.  As the weather starts to get warmer, the fur starts to fall, and fall everywhere! There are a few things you can do [...]

Off Leash Obedience Memphis and Peanut

Those Annoying Ticks

Last night I was out for a walk and a little training with my dogs in Midtown Memphis. After about an hour my pups were mentally worn out from the training portion and so we returned home. Once we were settled in I took off my shoes and started a summer time tick hunting tradition. [...]