Training “Tails”

Yuli Off Leash Service Dog Trainig Memphis

Training “Tail” of Yuli

Dog’s Name: Yuli Breed: Mix Training Program: On Campus (board and train) Advanced Off Leash Training “Tail”: Yuli is a high energy dog that was enrolled in the On Campus board and train program to learn reliable obedience in order to become a well behaved therapy service dog. Here’s what the owner had to say [...]

Nat and Niko dog training down stays in Memphis

Training “Tail” Natalie

Name: Natalie Breed: Golden Retriever Age: 5 months Hometown: Collierville, TN Training Program: Advanced Off Leash Training “Tail”: Natalie was proving to be a true Golden Retriever puppy by displaying her intelligence and energy at every chance she would get. Natalie’s owners soon realized that her intelligence and energy is cute now but could cause some [...]

Bear Obedience Training Memphis with Niko

Training “Tail” Bear

Dog Name: Bear Breed: Labradoodle Age: 2 Hometown: Memphis, TN Training Program: Advanced Off Leash Training “Tail”: Bear’s owner contacted Dog Obedience College after adopting him about six months prior. Bear was a very sweet boy but he was showing aggression towards strangers in public, on walks, and people coming in the house. It had gotten to [...]

Jack playing after obedience practice

Training “Tail” Spunky Jack

Dog’s Name: Spunky Jack Breed: Jack Russell Mix Age: 8 Months Hometown: Memphis, TN Training Program: Advanced Off Leash Board and Train Training “Tail”: Prior to Spunky Jack being adopted by his owners he was living a life on his own out on the streets when a local Memphis dog rescue found him. At the [...]

Tucker working on his sit stay

Training “Tail” Tucker

Dog’s Name: Tucker Breed: Great Dane Age: 10 months Hometown: Collierville, Tennessee Training Program: Advanced Off Leash Board and Train Training “Tail”: Being a Great Dane puppy Tucker was rapidly growing but had no idea how big he actually was. Like any puppy, Tucker was acting like a puppy but due to his size he [...]

Polly the German Shepherd Puppy worn out after obedience practice

Training “Tail” Polly

Dog: Polly Breed: German Shepherd Hometown: Arlington, TN Age: 5  Months Training Program: Advanced Off Leash Obedience – In Home Training “Tail”: Polly’s owner got her when she was just a couple of months old. They were not new to dog ownership but she was going to be by far the largest dog they have [...]

Memphis Dog Trainer Obedience College with Zooey and Khan

Training “Tail” of Zooey

Dog: Zooey Breed: German Shepherd Age: 5 months Training Program: Advanced Obedience Training “Tail”: Zooey is a young German Shepherd puppy with a lot of energy and brains. As a pup Zooey loved to pull on walks, jump on everybody, and nibble on her owners arms and legs. Her owners are new to dog ownership and quickly [...]

Sam Lab Memphis Dog Training

Training “Tail” of Sam

Dog’s Name: Sam Breed: Labrador Retriever Training Program: Advanced Obedience Sam’s Training “Tail”: Sam is a Lab puppy that is little over a year old. And like so many puppies, Sam has a tremendous love of life. So much in fact that he doesn’t know how to contain his excitement. Sam would show his love and excitement by [...]

Rocky practicing obedience in Memphis

Training “Tail” of Rocky

Dog’s Name: Rocky Breed: Lab mix Training Program: Advanced Obedience Rocky’s Training “Tail”: Young Rocky was like most puppies. He would nibble, jump, and bark for attention, which was cute when he was really small. However, as he began to grow the biting became harder, jumping was more intense, and the barking just kept getting worse. Rocky was [...]

Missy Memphis Obedience Training

Training “Tail” of Missy

Dog’s Name: Missy Breed: Great Dane / Lab mix Training Program: Advanced Obedience Missy’s Training “Tail”: At 6 months old and already nearing 70 lbs Missy was going to be a big dog! Missy’s owner realized her puppy behavior could be a huge problem when she is full grown. That realization led  Missy’s owner to enrolling her in [...]

Pepper Obedience in Memphis

Training “Tail” of Pepper

Dog’s Name: Pepper Breed: Pit Bull mix Training Program: Advanced Obedience Pepper’s Training “Tail”: Pepper is a young energetic pup with lots of intelligence. The combination of energy and brains can be a troubling thing without any rules. Despite her daily walks Pepper would often find destructive ways to use up the remainder of her energy. After a [...]

Off Leash Obedience in Memphis with Sampson

Training “Tail” Sampson

Dog’s Name: Sampson  Dog Breed: Pit Bull Training Program: Advanced Obedience Training “Tail”: Sampson came to training a young energetic and out of control puppy. Sampson would use his energy to jump on his owners and their guests, dig in the backyard, and destroy whatever he could. Sampson’s owners would try to wear off the [...]