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Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

I’m always amazed at the dog stories people tell me about their older dogs behavior and what they have put up with for years.  Nearly every one of them goes roughly the same way, their dog does something that is annoying or brings frustration to their daily lives and has been doing whatever unwanted behavior for his/her entire life.  Then of course I always have to ask why they haven’t tried to fix the problem and like clockwork the response I get goes something like this; “…at this point I’m used to it (jumping, barking, pulling, or whatever it might be) besides can you really teach an old dog that is stuck in his ways? He’s been behaving this way for so long now.”

Absolutely you can teach an old dog new tricks! Just like any dog, the key to teaching an old dog something new is to find what motivates him/her most, whether it’s food, attention, toys, or life rewards.  Old dogs might be more stuck in their ways so it may take a little longer but it is still very possible.

A few years back I actually worked with a nine year old Portuguese Water Dog that had been barking in the house and pulling the family all around on walks his entire life. The owners finally decided to try and do something about it because they weren’t able to walk him anymore and so his barking in the house had actually gotten much worse to the point that they couldn’t take it anymore.  After a few weeks of training the barking had stopped and every member of the family was able to walk the dog with a nice loose leash.  Needless to say the family was amazed at how much more peaceful life is when there isn’t barking in the background.

So no matter if you have a young pup or old dog they can learn new tricks or in this case they can learn how to make both your lives much better with a little bit of dog training.

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