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Dog Safety in Midtown Memphis

Siberian Husky pup Anubis loving obedience training in Memphis, TNOver the past month I have been doing a lot of dog training in the Midtown area of Memphis. It is a very dog friendly area with numerous distractions for the pups in training to practice around.  Although I appreciate all the distractions there is one in particular that concerns me.

There has been numerous times that I have seen people walking, running, or out in the yard with their dog off leash on a busy street. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for trained dogs being allowed off leash, but I also feel it should be in a safe place such as a park, trail, or street that is fairly free of cars. That goes for all dogs no matter their level of training.

Dogs, like people, can get startled by an unexpected noise or moving object. Proper distraction and socialization training can help minimize the chances of a dog being startled but it is still a risk. I have seen dogs jump a few feet in the air and start to run when a nearby kid set off a firecracker. Luckily this dog was on a leash and was stopped before making it to the street.

In the example above the dog really isn’t at fault  for running, after all it is in his nature. For most animals the flight instinct is much stronger than fight. When confronted with an unknown noise or object a dog may fall back on his/her instincts. So why not play it on the safe side? When you get to a busy street it is much better to clip on a leash than have a terrible accident. I often walk my own dogs on leashes in the streets of Midtown Memphis until we get to the park and then set them free to run and play.

 Tennessee Dog Training

Dog Obedience College of Memphis happily provides reliable off leash dog training to the areas surrounding Memphis in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. To see if a dog trainer is available in your area please contact Dog Obedience College by filling out the Contact Form, emailing, or calling (901)310-5826.

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