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Bulldog puppy Jetta laying down worn out after dog obedience training practice at a park in Memphis, TNDay in and day out while paying visits to Memphis Veterinarians I see normally friendly, calm, well mannered dogs get a bad rap when they turn into scary beasts upon entering a Vet’s office and every time I think how that could have been avoided with just a little dog training. Now don’t get me wrong, your pup’s first shots are extremely important for their physical health but is it the most important part of that first visit?

Put yourself in your dog’s place for a moment; here you are going on a fun car ride with your new family, taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells that life has to offer.  Then the car stops and you go into this place with cold floors, other animals, and smells you have never encountered before.  At first glance it doesn’t seem that bad, but then the poking, prodding, and temperature taking begins.

Just think, most people don’t like hospitals or doctor’s offices and they don’t even have to endure that kind of treatment  each time they go, so imagine what your dog must feel like.  Is it any wonder some dogs absolutely fear the Vet’s office?

Don’t worry though, whether it’s your dog’s first visit or if the fearful behavior has been going on for years, you can help improve your dog’s view of their Vet visits with a few short steps.

  1. Have your dog’s favorite treat cut up into very small pieces and be sure your pup is hungry. A favorite toy can also be used.

  2. As soon as you walk into the front office throw a handful of your dog’s favorite treats all over the floor and let your pup gobble them up.

  3. In the waiting area, let your pup explore but be sure to occasionally throw treats on the ground as little surprises.

  4. As you are about to enter the exam room, throw some treats on the ground leading into the room and then a bunch all over the floor. Let your pup have a good time searching around and finding them all.

  5. As much as possible, give your dog treats before, during, and after the exam.

  6. And finally as you are leaving through the lobby be sure to throw some treats out in front of your dog but then don’t give anymore once you leave the office.

You may feel a little foolish doing this but it will help your dog create a good association with going to the Vet and that can save a lot of embarrassing and stressful trips later on.

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