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Those Annoying Ticks

Off Leash Obedience Memphis and PeanutLast night I was out for a walk and a little training with my dogs in Midtown Memphis. After about an hour my pups were mentally worn out from the training portion and so we returned home. Once we were settled in I took off my shoes and started a summer time tick hunting tradition. Normally I am covered in bug spray but that night I was planning on staying on paved paths and sidewalks so I skipped the spray, which turned out to be a mistake. My dogs however, don’t have the luxury of bug spray.  Of course they all have up to date flea and tick medicine on their backs but that isn’t  always enough.

Although products such as Frontline Plus repel fleas, they do not repel ticks. Instead, the ticks are killed once they burrow into your dog.  It’s about as pretty as it sounds! There are a few products out there that I have heard of, mostly collars, that do repel ticks but I have to do more research into whether or not they are safe for a multiple dog household.

So as my dogs are bounding through the woods or on paved paths having the time of their lives, well until their next favorite thing comes along anyways, I know there are ticks just waiting for their chance to pounce.  There is no avoiding it while in the woods or on paths so I have to do the only thing I can. Tick check when I get home!

As fun as looking for nasty little bugs sounds, it is a necessity for any dog that gets to explore nature.  Below is a quick how to list for searching for and removing ticks.

  1. Start by putting on a pair of gloves, trust me you don’t want to touch these things!

  2. Check yourself out first! Even though you probably didn’t go as deep in the woods as your pups, it doesn’t mean a tick didn’t get on you.  These nasty little things can infect you with a number of diseases.

  3. Back to your dog! During the next few steps be sure to check all over your dog but pay special attention to the ear and neck area, they just love those spots.

  4. Be armed with a pair of tweezers and start working your way through their fur.  If you are doing it correctly, then you will look like one of those monkeys on the nature channel grooming another.

  5. When you find one, notice I did say “when” not “if”, grab the tick using the tweezers by its head at the spot it has attached itself to your dog’s body.

  6. Once you have the tweezers in place, carefully pull the tick off your dog’s body while making sure you don’t twist.

  7. After disposing of the tick, go back and double check that same spot to make sure you didn’t leave any part of the tick behind.  If you miss a part that is left behind, then it can cause irritation and/or get infected.

  8. Once you are sure there is nothing left on that spot, clean the area with antiseptic.

  9. After you have completed your search be sure to clean the tweezers with rubbing alcohol or something similar.

  10. And finally, give your pup a cookie! In fact you may want to give your dog a treat before, during, and after.  This way your dog won’t mind you thumbing through his/her fur and may actually look forward to it.

Generally once you get the hang of it the process doesn’t take too long. Besides, it is much better to take a few extra minutes now then it is treating your dog for a preventable disease later.  Happy hunting!

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