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Training “Tail” Polly

Dog: PollyPolly the German Shepherd Puppy worn out after obedience practice

Breed: German Shepherd

Hometown: Arlington, TN

Age: 5  Months

Training Program: Advanced Off Leash Obedience – In Home

Training “Tail”: Polly’s owner got her when she was just a couple of months old. They were not new to dog ownership but she was Polly sitting nicely obedience practice in Arlington TNgoing to be by far the largest dog they have ever owned. Polly’s owners recognized early on how smart and energetic she was and they knew without training that could lead to an out of control dog when she was full grown. Polly’s owners envisioned a confident dog that could be off leash on their property without worry, a dog that behaved inside the house, a pup they could take for relaxing walks and not have her pull or be afraid of cars, and have her not fear meeting other dogs.

Polly down stay practice around nikoWhen Polly turned 4 months old they enrolled her in the Advanced Off Leash Obedience In-Home program with Dog Obedience College of Memphis. During training Polly’s confidence began to rapidly grow due to the motivational teaching style that Dog Obedience College of Memphis uses in training. Polly soon got to the point where she could loose leash walk passed on coming dogs, even barking ones, meet new dogs, and even happily play with other dogs.  Polly’s parents are now able to have her off leash with confidence, take her for relaxing walks, and enjoy her being out of her crate when inside.


Take a look at what Polly learned during her dog training course:

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