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Training “Tail” Sampson

Dog’s Name: Sampson Sampson Off Leash Obedience

Dog Breed: Pit Bull

Training Program: Advanced Obedience

Training “Tail”: Sampson came to training a young energetic and out of control puppy. Sampson would use his energy to jump on his owners and their guests, dig in the backyard, and destroy whatever he could. Sampson’s owners would try to wear off the energy with walks but Sampson would pull the entire time. As he started to grow it became more difficult to hold him back on walks. After nearly being pulled down the street during a walk, Sampson’s owners had enough and enrolled him to the Advanced Obedience course.

After a few short weeks Sampson graduated from his course and his owners loved his new set of skills. He learned not to jump on people, which items were toys and which were not, and how to walk like a gentleman.

Here is a short video of what Sampson learned while in obedience training:

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