Dog Training “Tail” of Bear

Dog’s Name: Bear Bear a Labradoodle dog training in a pet store in Memphis

Breed: Labradoodle

Training Program: Advanced Off Leash Obedience

Program Type: Off Campus (in home)

Dog Training “Tail”:

Bear’s owner contacted Dog Obedience College after being fed up with Bear’s behavior. She loved Bear but knew something had to be done. The owner wasn’t able to take Bear on walks without him pulling on the leash and barking at other people and dogs. It got so bad that if she saw another dog on a walk she had to take bear across the street and just hold on to keep him secure. Bear also had a big problem with people coming to their house. When somebody entered he would immediately growl and bark causing the guest to be in fear.

After talking with the owner we decided that the On Campus (in home) Advanced Off Leash Obedience program would be best for Bear. This program would allow Bear to get use to somebody coming to the house each day and taking him to do something fun. This strategy would help Bear to see guests as a good thing instead of something to growl and bark at. This program would also help teach Bear how to walk nicely on or off leash around other dogs and people by giving him a skill to fall back on.

How did the training turn out for Bear?

Bear did great! By the end of training he was allowing myself and guests to enter the house without any growling, he was able to walk by other dogs and people without issues, and he was even able to go to Shelby Farms and be off leash.

From the owner:

He is the most wonderful dog ever!  Well behaved and spoiled rotten.  He’s all fluffy and poofy. I rarely have bear on the leash because he’s so good!

Take a look at Bear in action:


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