Dog Training “Tails” Moose and Sprocket

Dog Training “Tail” of Moose and Sprocket

Dogs’ Names: Moose and Sprocket¬†Moose and Sprocket tired after dog training session in Memphis

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: 8 months

Training Program: Advanced Off Leash Obedience

Program Type: Hybrid of On Campus (board and train) and Off Campus (in home)

Training “Tail”:

Moose and Sprocket are litter mates that were 8 months old when they started in the Advanced Off Leash Obedience program with Dog Obedience College. These Springer Spaniels had previously been through a puppy socialization class and a board and train program with another Memphis dog trainer. After going through those two training classes Moose and Sprocket were still having trouble walking nicely on a leash, jumping on people, overall control when they got excited, and constant barking at people while on walks.

The Certified Professional Dog Trainer at Dog Obedience College took on the challenge to get these pups under control so their owners could truly enjoy time with them.  Moose and Sprocket underwent a few weeks of intense obedience training in the Advanced Off Leash program. They spent time both at their home during the Off Campus phase and in a kennel during the On Campus phase. Splitting the program allowed the dogs to get around a wide variety of distractions. This distraction training was key to helping to teach Moose and Sprocket how to properly interact with the world and respond to obedience commands even around distractions.

Moose and Sprocket took the to the training quickly and excelled at learning. Once they were reliable around distractions they were tested a few more times. The pups did great around distractions of dogs and people with no pulling, jumping, or barking! Upon successfully passing the tests the owners were contacted for their training session.

Take a look at the how they turned out:


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