Take a look at what clients of Dog Obedience College are saying about their four-legged graduates….


Bentley Having a blast with obedience Memphis
Bentley having a blast during a training session at Shelby Farms

I just took Bentley on a 3 mile walk and he was absolutely PERFECT! Thank you! I no longer get pulled through the neighborhood and we can pass by people without jumping and going crazy. It’s so enjoyable! I did work with him on commands at different times and he was great.” – Dawn C., Bentley’s owner





Tucker dog training practice at dog event
Tucker enjoying a festival at Overton Park

“Tucker has come so far. What a difference weeks of intense training makes. He is such a sweet loving pup. His training has payed off. (Thank you Drew, at Dog Obedience College) We still have some fine tuning to do for sure, but he is still just 11 months old. Our Tucker was stealing the kids food, knocking the kids over, getting into mischief, poop eating, and fiercely barking and charging neighbors. Our house had more baby gates than when we had actual babies. We are now baby gate FREE! He respects the kids space, he knows not to steal food, he leaves counter tops alone, and he goes to his “place” on command and stays there until invited to leave. We can have him off leash in our yard, and at the park with more confidence. We are really proud of all his hard work. I can not wait to see how he is at age 2 when he reaches physical and mental maturity!” – Danielle T., Tucker’s owner, Collierville, TN


Bear obedience practice in Memphis pet store“He is the most wonderful dog ever!  Well behaved and spoiled rotten.  He’s all fluffy and poofy. I rarely have bear on the leash because he’s so good!” – Jennifer S., Bear’s owner, Memphis, TN




Jack playing after obedience practice
Jack playing after training

Dog obedience college is a great school for dogs. Our sweet Spunky Jack learned so much and is still learning. He saw Drew, his trainer, this week after being away from school for a while and was so happy to see him.” – Gail B., Jack’s owner, Memphis, TN





Maggie Excited about dog training
Maggie excited about training

“I’m giving Dog Obedience College five stars because they did exactly what they said they would do.  I recently adopted a pit mix with a very sweet temperament and absolutely no puppy manners.  Although I knew she was a sweet dog, I couldn’t get her to understand what I expected of her.  After going through the advanced training course with Drew, she now seems to understand that there are rules and expectations.  Not only is it much easier to work with her, but she seems happy when she sees me pleased with her behavior!  Drew has been very helpful and available throughout the process.   So, even though she’s now home, Drew is still available to help with any questions that may come up.  Working with Dog Obedience College is absolutely worth the money!” – Amy Z., Maggie’s owner, Jackson, TN


Walter Dog training lunch Memphis
Walter training on a restaurant patio in Memphis

Walter is great!!! He walks on the leash very well.  He always comes when I call him, and my vet was very impressed with Walter‘s behavior!” – Sloan T., Walter’s owner, Memphis, TN






Gus Obedience Practice in Memphis with Niko
Gus (right) during down stay obedience practice with Niko (left)

If Gus didn’t have the same sweet personality, I would swear Drew brought back a different dog! Before attending DOC, Gus knocked peopled over, tore up the landscaping, barked at everyone, refused to walk on a leash, and made having guests a nightmare. Now, he is such a gentleman! He still gets a little excited (he is 11 mo. old) but doesn’t jump up or bite any more. We are very proud of Gus. We would recommend DOC to anyone who needs help with their dog’s behavior. If there was a rating system, I would give them five stars. Thanks Drew and DOC!!!” – Lynne B., Gus’s owner



Diesel lab puppy during obedience training
Diesel excited about his training session

“Words cannot possibly begin to express how impressed we are with all that Diesel learned while with Drew. Thank you so incredibly much for taking our wild child that we thought had no hope and making him an even better family member and companion!” – Kathy B., Diesel’s owner, Arlington, TN




Golden Retriever Nash excited for obedience graduation“All I can say is WOW!  Nash is so obedient and I am more than impressed with what you taught him.  I knew he was smart but I just don’t think I realized what he was capable of learning.  We are strictly following your instructions and he is doing great,  I am literally blown away!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  
A very proud puppy mom.”  Angie N., Nash’s owner



Yuli Off Leash Service Dog Trainig Memphis“I just wanted to let you know that Harper (Yuli’s owner) came to town this weekend to pick up Yuli and take her back to school.  I didn’t sleep much Saturday night as I was so worried that Yuli would be unpredictable at the airport.  I worried for no reason at all.  When we got to the ticket counter, Harper told Yuli to sit and down and she sat down.  She followed directions perfectly did not pay attention to anyone around.  She didn’t move.  When they went through security as Harper walked, Yuli walked and when Harper stopped, Yuli immediately sat down.  Harper had to take the ecollar off when they got to the security conveyor belt and Yuli still followed Harper.  Harper had to take her leash off and they made Yuli walk through the metal detector alone.  Yuli walked through and Harper said “DOWN YULI,” and she didn’t move until Harper went through the metal detector and released her and put her leash back on. 
I know Yuli has a lot more training to go, as does Harper, but you put them on the right track and got them started to what I hope will be a better relationship for them both.  I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!” – Shelley (Mother of Yuli’s owner), Memphis, TN

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