Lifetime Training Guarantee

Training that will last the life of your dog!

Dog Obedience College has designed each training program in a way that will help your dog learn and understand the material for their entire life.

Puppy chewing reward after dog training session Dog Obedience College courses are designed to to be the only obedience training course your dog will ever need. Once your dog has successfully completed the program The Lifetime Training Guarantee entitles you to free obedience training refreshers, follow ups, and training support for the life of your dog. Some terms and conditions do apply.


How the Lifetime Training Guarantee Works

At Dog Obedience College we understand that life gets busy and sometimes it is hard to maintain the quality obedience training your dog learned while at school.  If after your dog has successfully graduated and you find the he/she is falling back into old habits or you simply have training related questions, then contact us to schedule a free refresher or training support and a trainer will help you and your dog get back on track.

Looking for Training that Will Last a Lifetime? Then Enroll Your Dog Today!

Bloodhound Bleu hot after an obedience training session in Memphis

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