Dog Obedience College specializes in educating your dog in highly reliable obedience. After all, a solid obedience education can truly enhance life with your dog! That’s why each course is designed to help your dog become a well behaved family member for years to come.

Each dog and owner are personally trained by Drew; a Certified Police K9 Trainer, Handler, Instructor and a Certified Pet Dog Obedience Trainer. Drew is a nationally recognized trainer with 10+ year of professional training experience.

Basic Obedience

The Basic Obedience course will provide your dog with a solid obedience foundation by learning the fundamentals of obedience. The course is available in either In-Home or Board and Train. For further details along with pricing please check out the Basic Obedience page.

Advanced Off Leash Obedience

The Advanced Off Leash program will give you the freedom and confidence to trust your dog off leash. This course is available as either In-Home or Board and Train. There is no prior training experience required to enroll your dog in Advanced Off Leash course. For a description of what the program covers along with pricing please check out the Advanced Off Leash page.

All training programs come with a Lifetime Training Guarantee

No prior training experience is required to enroll your dog

Included With Each Course

  • Lifetime Training Guarantee
  • Free Refreshers and training support
  • An in depth training appointment with you
  • Multiple follow ups
  • Proofing around distractions

Free Evaluations

Not sure which program is right for your pup? No Problem! Dog Obedience College of Memphis offers Free Dog Training Evaluations. The evaluations will give you an opportunity to discuss your dog’s trouble areas, meet the trainer, and see if one of our programs is right for your pup.For more information or to schedule an evaluation please Contact Us at [email protected] or 901-310-5826 and a trainer will be happy to help!

Take a Look at a Few Graduates of the Advanced Off Leash course