Check out what clients have to say after training with Dog Obedience College! Each dog training testimonial is paired with a video of the graduate. 

“All of my friends know I love big dogs. Up until I rescued Cubby, all of my dogs thought I was the Pied Piper and did whatever I asked them to do. Not Cubs. Since he came to live with us in June, 2020, he has had a mind of his own and escaped every opportunity he got. He has escaped through the front door, the back gate, the car window and a hole in the fence at the dog park. He also refused to leave the park until he was ready: once it took over an hour. Well… this all changed less than a month ago when I hired Drew. Cubby went through 1 hour of training daily and last Wednesday I was trained. (I thought my laid-back, anything goes, hippie personality would hate being so rigid, but knew it was necessary and I am actually happily thrilled!) Cubby is still the same lovable, cuddly dog he always was in the house; and, yesterday at the park, he still ran and played with the other dogs, but when I called him, he was by my side in a flash. It’s quite amazing; I wish I’d done it months ago! I highly recommend Dog Obedience College!” – Sandra S., Memphis, TN

Lincoln is really a different puppy now! He is so obedient and well behaved! Thank you so much! – Greg T. Counce, TN

“All I can say is WOW!  Nash is so obedient and I am more than impressed with what you taught him.  I knew he was smart but I just don’t think I realized what he was capable of learning.  We are strictly following your instructions and he is doing great,  I am literally blown away!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  A very proud puppy mom.” – Angie N. Atoka, TN

Nash preparing for his final dog training exams

“Words cannot possibly begin to express how impressed we are with all that Diesel learned while with Drew. Thank you so incredibly much for taking our wild child that we thought had no hope and making him an even better family member and companion!” – Kathy B., Arlington, TN

Diesel with a Dog Obedience College trainer

“Emmett has been doing fantastic!  We are so thrilled with his training. He is just so good!  We have take him to the park numerous times, and he has preformed so well. He has also done great in several very distracting scenarios where there were several kids around. He is a perfect gentleman! We could not be happier. It is so wonderful to have a dog we feel comfortable taking with us everywhere! ” – Carrie R., Emmet’s owner, Memphis, TN

Emmett Off Leash Obedience Training

“He is the most wonderful dog ever!  Well behaved and spoiled rotten.  He’s all fluffy and poofy. I rarely have bear on the leash because he’s so good!” – Jennifer S., Bear’s owner, Memphis, TN

Bear during a training session at Shelby Farms

“I just wanted to let you know that Harper (Yuli’s owner) came to town this weekend to pick up Yuli and take her back to school.  I didn’t sleep much Saturday night as I was so worried that Yuli would be unpredictable at the airport.  I worried for no reason at all.  When we got to the ticket counter, Harper told Yuli to sit and down and she sat down.  She followed directions perfectly did not pay attention to anyone around.  She didn’t move.  When they went through security as Harper walked, Yuli walked and when Harper stopped, Yuli immediately sat down.  Harper had to take the ecollar off when they got to the security conveyor belt and Yuli still followed Harper.  Harper had to take her leash off and they made Yuli walk through the metal detector alone.  Yuli walked through and Harper said “DOWN YULI,” and she didn’t move until Harper went through the metal detector and released her and put her leash back on.   I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!” – Shelley R., Harper’s mother, Memphis, TN

Yuli during an obedience session

“Walter is great!!! He walks on the leash very well. Only time off leash is at the dog park.  I feel more safe with leash,  due to  Memphis traffic. He always comes when I call him, and my vet was very impressed with Walter’s behavior!” – Sloan T., Memphis, TN

Walter working on his new obedience skills

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